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My nerves are so high right now. I have never shared out my poems. But there’s a first for everything.

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Next chapter.
Opinions appreciated.

Criminal in Love

Thinking of my siblings in Uganda and Russia and anywhere else where love is a crime.
We will fight for you!

Read "Paint me, I beg you"

First part of my psychological story.

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The results for the European Elections have been catastrophic. We need to go back to a time where racism is wrong and where people are basic humanitarians.

We are all human.

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Anna's Asylum Horror reviews

I need ideas on what to post, so for now they’re so random>,< But check it out if you wish, I shall then give you the cookie of death x

So in physics class I'm sat next to this pretty awesome guy. A little popular, sense of humour and just a really nice person.
Anyway, we were having a talk about psychology (as part of talking about college courses) and we ended up making some jokes and laughing. So in the middle of the laughing fit we shared, the guy turns around to me and suddenly says, 'have you ever wondered what it would be like to kill someone? Because I'd genuinely kill someone just to find out. I really want to kill someone.'
We're kind of really good friends now, despite the fact he might stick a knife in my throat at any moment.

Leather Strip - Strap me down

In love with this!^,..,^